We cannot THINK our way to being in a conscious & ‘enlightened state’.

Some notions and ideas – ideologies and philosophies may help sow seeds for expansion or provide permission slips and invitations for more awareness,  but ‘enlightenment’ is  by its very nature, a ‘connected – knowingness’ beyond   the perceived limitations of the mind and the mental.

The MIND is a problem solving entity, whose prime purpose is survival of ‘ME’ – the human  personality  that is ‘seemingly’ separate to everyone and everything else. The aspect in self-consciousness that can only identify past story as basis for future creation.  (Ego – who I think I Am).

The rational mind at its best is a magnificent problem solver, working  in tandem with ‘inspiration’ as a tool for creation.

Unfortunately however, the minds ‘reference library’ (programming)  is indexed primarily for the survival of Ego (who I think I Am), identification  to old story &  patterns  ( I am my past experience and therefore cannot move beyond it),  and great resistance to  change is associated with  death. (Survival  fears).

So, with  the minds’ modus operandus’ into  survival of the ego – we cannot intellectualise our way to enlightenment. We have to go beyond mind.

We have to EXPERIENCE it with our senses, somatically in the body. (Embodiment) A journey of incremental experiences of enlightened states.  Hence the awareness / consciousness / enlightenment journey  is a sensory and sensual experience rather than an intellectual one.

We can however,  have the  willingness of   heart / spirit  to seek  & experience enlightened state.

We can be open to  feeling  the subtle yet sublime state changes of  loving energy  raining  through our energy fields and witness the alchemy of ‘state of being’  taking  place.

We can cultivate trust incrementally,  developing wisdom and fortitude to know self on a deeper level, beyond the limited paradigm that we were born into, (the collective-unconscious).

We can developing courage and strength to  let  go of traumas energies and that which enslave or entangle us to old limitations  or stories of unworthiness.

We can develop a propensity to be in the NOW ,  unattached to past story, without fear of future, as this is the only place that ‘Enlightened State’ can be authentically felt,  experienced,  (embodied/lived).

We can cultivate a state of GRACE / ALLOWING  more awareness &  joyful manifestation  into our experience.

As we perceive beyond the mind & beyond ego,  (there is more to me than this physical body and my perceived  limited experience within this body).

As we  work transpersonally with subtle energy beyond the physical self.

As we begin to  TRUST in our true worthiness beyond blame, shame & guilt.

As we incrementally take back our power by making healthier, self loving  choices.

As we savour  the awareness and sensuality  of  reclaiming  ENLIGHTENMENT in  joyful  moments to be savored.

As we begin to recognise that it is a given  birth right;   to re-claim personal sovereignty,  to have knowing of enlightenment and to SELF-ACTUALISE, the full awareness that;

I Am Beloved, I AM Creator, I EXIST, and therefore



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Create A New Story for 2017


What Are You Manifesting For Self  Into 2017?

Scientific models of human behavior  & Neuro Science  show us that  the majority of  behaviors are acted out from a place of ‘unconsciousness’  (unawareness).

By adulthood,  we have lived so many repetitive patterns in our experience, that  we unconsciously form deeply held  beliefs & perceptions of the world  and our place & role within it, ie. Our Reality.

Our past experiences,  entanglements & attachments  (old stories & past dramas);  create an unconscious  template   which energetically  paves  the way  for a predictable, repetitive  future based on same energetic patterns!  (Hamster wheel effect!).

Our personality; the sum total of our thoughts, behaviors and emotions, tries   to  make sense of these  historical,  repetitive patterns  in  life.  Sadly  the majority of us come to judgement about  self & humanity  &  project these limitations into future.

Unconscious patterns and automatic habits continue to play out …  only to recreate self-fulfilling prophecy   and   our  points  of view/judgments,  and   perceptions  of  self- limitation,  anchor deeper in our sub-conscious mind & body!  Booo!

and so it goes ….

UNTIL  … a willingness to know self, to change patterns, to awaken through self- awareness to  a greater truth about  our  worthiness and  the  tools of  Creative focus.

A willingness to Be different, to Do differently, to Allow Change of the personality and the body to which we are so attached (Identified).

How Do We Begin to Be The Change?  

Through  self-awareness  & willingness to change – One Step at A  Time.

Sue Hopkins 


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Will You Send Empowerment To The Violet Fire Planetary Chakra?

leith-hill tower

Leith Hill Tower.:  Surrey Hills  SW of Dorking

Site of the Violet Flame Planetary Chakra 

In Ewell, Surrey in  Nov 2013,  it was stated  by  St.  Germain  through  channel  Edwin Courtenay, that the massive group of  86  people had shown up at the St Germain workshop in ‘Response  To The  Call’  (see last post).  A critical mass of  people  was apparently needed  to energetically  ‘ignite’  the  Violet Flame Planetary Chakra at nearby Leith Hill.  We are asked to send love and energy to the enfant flames there throughout 2014 as they gather their strength. We are also asked to  visit and undertake sacred work there when we can.

As a response to this request,  on my following visit to Surrey in the heart of winter, I quested  with a family of friends to visit  Leith Hill, holding  intention & willingness to do some sacred work. I and the  beautiful girl child Georgia –  shamelessly chanted the evocation for  Sacred Fire as we made our way through the woods and  up the hill.

“Om Pushmi Namaha”  (pronounced Om Push Me Nam A Ha)

It was  a  ridiculously wintery,  windy day with gale force winds, but as we were present to fan the flames of the Violet Fire Chakra, it felt quite fitting…and very, very, FULL ON! Despite the grey moodiness of the landscape it was so easy to see why this was such an ideal location for sacred work and energy. The  National Trust owned heritage site, is the highest point on the Greensand Ridge, and is the second highest point in south-east England. Surrounded by woodland and landscape, with a huge Gothic tower at the top,   it felt more fitting to refer to the site as “Leith Hill Tor” as it’s energy seemed comparable to Glastonbury, as though  this site should be revered as a sacred place too.

We  did some prayer work together near the hilltop, invoking the Violet Fire, Doing Ho’ Oponohono and offering ourselves as a conduit for the light for a time.  Interestingly on the way down  the hill  we  found a fallen tree that we ended up exploring only to discover a big branch was a perfect adult size springy, one person seesaw! We laughed and played and when we left we could see other families playing on the tree too. We all agreed that the fun we had on the hill was likely to be as  healing as any of the sacred work we did, knowing that Joy is really an antidote to pain & suffering.  Yes!  joyful cyclists,  dog walkers, and ramblers all enjoying and appreciating  the views  and getting to the top!  The perfect place to harness  healing energies for the planet. 😉

Now, there is understanding of where the Violet Flame Chakra is awakening, would you be willing to send some Distant Healing to this part of the planet by imagining the violet fire strong at the tor? Sending positive  intentions; that  the energies are empowered to transmute & neutralise negativity in the collective mind surrounding earth? Are you willing to hold an image of Leith Hill Tor in mind while you chant Om Pushmi Namaha or if you are local, would you willing to undertake a pilgrimage of joy to Leith Hill Tor?

May The Sacred Fires Burn Bright,

Sue Hopkins


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Responding To The Call : An Invitation From St Germain!


‘In the spring of 2013,  I attended a  guided meditation session with Andrew Finlayson who channels info from  ‘enlightened beings of consciousness’  such as St. Germain  and the Pleiadians.  Afterwards,  he said  he had a private  message for me from St. Germain. Exciting!  The message  acknowledged my work with the  Violet  Fire and indicated that I was “well placed” to work  more closely with him should I so choose!   I trusted the content of the message knowing Andrew to be a  pure & clear channel,  and perhaps more importantly it felt right.  My connection to St Germain was strengthened  and I awaited with eagerness  to see what would present itself next.

In a low moment some months later,  I had an incoming e mail. Immediately noticing it’s arrival time of  11.11 am  I asked myself…’who is contacting me at sacred geometry time’. (Number 4, the cube, the earth, strong foundations). To my delight, it was an invitation to attend Edwin Courtenay’s latest workshop;

St. Germaine:Keeper Of The Violet Flame  &  14th Chakra  

In Nov 2013,  No less than 86 people  ‘rocked up’ for  this  workshop which was an unprecedented number of people at the time. (Edwin was ordinarily drawing  groups of about 20-30 at Surrey based workshops). The venue   had previously to be changed to accommodate the swelling numbers.

As expected,  we learned more about St Germain & his cohorts,    the trans mutative energy of the Violet Ray, how to evoke the various violet fires and work with them  to support the healing/wellbeing  of  self & other. We also had our personal  ‘Violet Fire Chakra’ awakened before working on  each other. I had the pleasure of working with a woman sitting next to me who shared my surname. Synchronicity. Ancestral Karma! Who knows but it was fun and we met each other well.

We learned that 2014 would be  ‘ruled energetically’ by the Violet Ray, and that the workshop was brought forward months for the energy to get a head start due to the tremendous amount of  negative energy that needs transmuting from the collective consciousness engulfing  planet earth at this time. Does that resonate?!!

What was unexpected however, was  the  revelation in St. Germain’s  closing message;  that the  reason why so many had ‘Responded To The Call’ to attend the workshop –  was because the Violet Fire Planetary Chakra was being awakened at the top of  Leith Hill in nearby Dorking and such numbers were needed to reach an energetic  critical mass to energetically  ignite the

Violet Flame Planetary Chakra  🙂  

What  wonderful news to  complete a delightful day. St Germain relayed that the Violet Fire Chakra, is expected to  come into it’s own by September 2014, and that those who had been clearing for the collective consciousness with the Violet Ray, would feel the personal relief from the energetic  empowerment of this Violet Flame Planetary Chakra. We are asked to send love and energy to the enfant flames  as it gathers strength at  Leith Hill and to visit and undertake sacred work there when we can.

If you undertake distant healing on the planet  please add  ‘Leith Hill’ Dorking your list, with intention   to empower the Violet Flame Chakra  if that resonates for you 😉   

If you would like more information & guidance on ways to send  distant healing to Leith Hill –  see the next article ‘Sending Empowerment To The  Violet Fire Planetary Chakra’.

If you identify  with the  violet light & it’s alchemical properties and want to learn more, I am authorised by Edwin Courtenay  to share these  teachings. If you are inspired  to host me,  I  am open to  the possibility of running bespoke  workshops in your area. 

 St. Germain &  The Sacred Violet Flames –  Attunement & Teachings

Will  be held in Liverpool UK,  on  Sunday 21st Sept 2014.



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Looking After Our Energy Fields III – Salt Baths

salt planes

Salt is such a wonderfully cleansing product. If you have ever had tired & aching feet  and soaked them in a warm bath of pure  salts – your will know exactly what I am talking about!

I recommend that our  self-help  kits  contain a  supply of  Epsom Salts. Epsom salts,  through a process of osmosis,  draw out toxins from the cells, so will  not only clear your energy field as you bathe – but will also draw out toxins from tissues and cells if you allow yourself to soak for at least 20 minutes. (Not such a big ask). 🙂  

USE:  Some people go over the top with the salts, I have found a handful of 2-3 TBs is enough for a good soak. We need to bathe for at least 20 mins for the cleansing process to take place, however you can stay in the soak as long as you like. 

Due to this  cleansing  process – you are NOT  recommended to use soaps or other products with chemicals in them. It is lovely however to put 6-8 drops of  your favourite  ‘Essential Oil’  into the bath as this will enhance the cleanse and healing process. If we are bathing children however 4 drops would be adequate.

Some Advice On Safe Oils:

Relax: Lavender, Mandarin, True Melissa, Neroli, Sweet Orange

Balance: Lavender, Neroli, Niaouli, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain, Sandlewood, Ylang Ylang

 If you have dry skin, you have  the perfect opportunity to moisturise your body post bathtime with a body oil 🙂

Epsom Salts are not readily available anymore but can be purchased from some good health food shops and many chemists will order them for you if  they  don’t have any in stock.

OTHER SALTS?  Table Salt is highly refined and contains harmful chemicals, it is intelligent to use am ‘unrefined’  rock  salt in the diet.  Himalayan  Rock  Salt is a wonderful alternative for dietary support as it is very pure and mineral rich. Himalayan salt is a useful alternative for bathing for this reason – as of course what you soak in –  is also absorbed through the skin!  




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Looking After Our Energy Field II – Violet Light Meditation


I Release All Energy

That Is Not in Truth Mine

To the Violet Light or

 Back to It’s Source,

Whichever be for the Highest Good.

I Call Back All Energy

That is in Truth Mine,

& Ask that Any Negativity

Be Transmuted by the

Violet Light.

So, It Is


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Looking After Our Energy Field I – Violet Light

Planet Earth In Violet Light


The Violet Ray  has a transformative effect –  clearing negative energy and transmuting it into pure light again.

As Reiki Masters/Teachers we  use the Violet Breathe during the sacred attunements during  Reiki classes.

At  level  Reiki II  & Reiki III,   practitioners visualise the Violet Light when writing or  imagine symbols to gently transform and transmute disharmonious energies.

Violet Light

Violet Fire – as opposed to the Violet Light  can be even more potent, but very good for clearing energy after trauma or invasion of space. 


  • We can use the Violet Light –  to gently clear our energy fields (See post ~  ‘Violet Light Meditation’)
  • We can ask of the Violet Fire to cleanse inanimate objects or places.
  • We can also use the Violet Fire to zap our beds daily on waking – as the energy of processing as we sleep can leave very gunky energy laying around!
  • As a meditative discipline, we can hold an image of the the earth surrounded by Violet Light – and imagine the shadow of the collective consciousness being transmuted.


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