Will You Send Empowerment To The Violet Fire Planetary Chakra?

leith-hill tower

Leith Hill Tower.:  Surrey Hills  SW of Dorking

Site of the Violet Flame Planetary Chakra 

In Ewell, Surrey in  Nov 2013,  it was stated  by  St.  Germain  through  channel  Edwin Courtenay, that the massive group of  86  people had shown up at the St Germain workshop in ‘Response  To The  Call’  (see last post).  A critical mass of  people  was apparently needed  to energetically  ‘ignite’  the  Violet Flame Planetary Chakra at nearby Leith Hill.  We are asked to send love and energy to the enfant flames there throughout 2014 as they gather their strength. We are also asked to  visit and undertake sacred work there when we can.

As a response to this request,  on my following visit to Surrey in the heart of winter, I quested  with a family of friends to visit  Leith Hill, holding  intention & willingness to do some sacred work. I and the  beautiful girl child Georgia –  shamelessly chanted the evocation for  Sacred Fire as we made our way through the woods and  up the hill.

“Om Pushmi Namaha”  (pronounced Om Push Me Nam A Ha)

It was  a  ridiculously wintery,  windy day with gale force winds, but as we were present to fan the flames of the Violet Fire Chakra, it felt quite fitting…and very, very, FULL ON! Despite the grey moodiness of the landscape it was so easy to see why this was such an ideal location for sacred work and energy. The  National Trust owned heritage site, is the highest point on the Greensand Ridge, and is the second highest point in south-east England. Surrounded by woodland and landscape, with a huge Gothic tower at the top,   it felt more fitting to refer to the site as “Leith Hill Tor” as it’s energy seemed comparable to Glastonbury, as though  this site should be revered as a sacred place too.

We  did some prayer work together near the hilltop, invoking the Violet Fire, Doing Ho’ Oponohono and offering ourselves as a conduit for the light for a time.  Interestingly on the way down  the hill  we  found a fallen tree that we ended up exploring only to discover a big branch was a perfect adult size springy, one person seesaw! We laughed and played and when we left we could see other families playing on the tree too. We all agreed that the fun we had on the hill was likely to be as  healing as any of the sacred work we did, knowing that Joy is really an antidote to pain & suffering.  Yes!  joyful cyclists,  dog walkers, and ramblers all enjoying and appreciating  the views  and getting to the top!  The perfect place to harness  healing energies for the planet. 😉

Now, there is understanding of where the Violet Flame Chakra is awakening, would you be willing to send some Distant Healing to this part of the planet by imagining the violet fire strong at the tor? Sending positive  intentions; that  the energies are empowered to transmute & neutralise negativity in the collective mind surrounding earth? Are you willing to hold an image of Leith Hill Tor in mind while you chant Om Pushmi Namaha or if you are local, would you willing to undertake a pilgrimage of joy to Leith Hill Tor?

May The Sacred Fires Burn Bright,

Sue Hopkins


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