Create A New Story for 2017


What Are You Manifesting For Self  Into 2017?

Scientific models of human behavior  & Neuro Science  show us that  the majority of  behaviors are acted out from a place of ‘unconsciousness’  (unawareness).

By adulthood,  we have lived so many repetitive patterns in our experience, that  we unconsciously form deeply held  beliefs & perceptions of the world  and our place & role within it, ie. Our Reality.

Our past experiences,  entanglements & attachments  (old stories & past dramas);  create an unconscious  template   which energetically  paves  the way  for a predictable, repetitive  future based on same energetic patterns!  (Hamster wheel effect!).

Our personality; the sum total of our thoughts, behaviors and emotions, tries   to  make sense of these  historical,  repetitive patterns  in  life.  Sadly  the majority of us come to judgement about  self & humanity  &  project these limitations into future.

Unconscious patterns and automatic habits continue to play out …  only to recreate self-fulfilling prophecy   and   our  points  of view/judgments,  and   perceptions  of  self- limitation,  anchor deeper in our sub-conscious mind & body!  Booo!

and so it goes ….

UNTIL  … a willingness to know self, to change patterns, to awaken through self- awareness to  a greater truth about  our  worthiness and  the  tools of  Creative focus.

A willingness to Be different, to Do differently, to Allow Change of the personality and the body to which we are so attached (Identified).

How Do We Begin to Be The Change?  

Through  self-awareness  & willingness to change – One Step at A  Time.

Sue Hopkins 


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