We cannot THINK our way to being in a conscious & ‘enlightened state’.

Some notions and ideas – ideologies and philosophies may help sow seeds for expansion or provide permission slips and invitations for more awareness,  but ‘enlightenment’ is  by its very nature, a ‘connected – knowingness’ beyond   the perceived limitations of the mind and the mental.

The MIND is a problem solving entity, whose prime purpose is survival of ‘ME’ – the human  personality  that is ‘seemingly’ separate to everyone and everything else. The aspect in self-consciousness that can only identify past story as basis for future creation.  (Ego – who I think I Am).

The rational mind at its best is a magnificent problem solver, working  in tandem with ‘inspiration’ as a tool for creation.

Unfortunately however, the minds ‘reference library’ (programming)  is indexed primarily for the survival of Ego (who I think I Am), identification  to old story &  patterns  ( I am my past experience and therefore cannot move beyond it),  and great resistance to  change is associated with  death. (Survival  fears).

So, with  the minds’ modus operandus’ into  survival of the ego – we cannot intellectualise our way to enlightenment. We have to go beyond mind.

We have to EXPERIENCE it with our senses, somatically in the body. (Embodiment) A journey of incremental experiences of enlightened states.  Hence the awareness / consciousness / enlightenment journey  is a sensory and sensual experience rather than an intellectual one.

We can however,  have the  willingness of   heart / spirit  to seek  & experience enlightened state.

We can be open to  feeling  the subtle yet sublime state changes of  loving energy  raining  through our energy fields and witness the alchemy of ‘state of being’  taking  place.

We can cultivate trust incrementally,  developing wisdom and fortitude to know self on a deeper level, beyond the limited paradigm that we were born into, (the collective-unconscious).

We can developing courage and strength to  let  go of traumas energies and that which enslave or entangle us to old limitations  or stories of unworthiness.

We can develop a propensity to be in the NOW ,  unattached to past story, without fear of future, as this is the only place that ‘Enlightened State’ can be authentically felt,  experienced,  (embodied/lived).

We can cultivate a state of GRACE / ALLOWING  more awareness &  joyful manifestation  into our experience.

As we perceive beyond the mind & beyond ego,  (there is more to me than this physical body and my perceived  limited experience within this body).

As we  work transpersonally with subtle energy beyond the physical self.

As we begin to  TRUST in our true worthiness beyond blame, shame & guilt.

As we incrementally take back our power by making healthier, self loving  choices.

As we savour  the awareness and sensuality  of  reclaiming  ENLIGHTENMENT in  joyful  moments to be savored.

As we begin to recognise that it is a given  birth right;   to re-claim personal sovereignty,  to have knowing of enlightenment and to SELF-ACTUALISE, the full awareness that;

I Am Beloved, I AM Creator, I EXIST, and therefore



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