Looking After Our Energy Field I – Violet Light

Planet Earth In Violet Light


The Violet Ray  has a transformative effect –  clearing negative energy and transmuting it into pure light again.

As Reiki Masters/Teachers we  use the Violet Breathe during the sacred attunements during  Reiki classes.

At  level  Reiki II  & Reiki III,   practitioners visualise the Violet Light when writing or  imagine symbols to gently transform and transmute disharmonious energies.

Violet Light

Violet Fire – as opposed to the Violet Light  can be even more potent, but very good for clearing energy after trauma or invasion of space. 


  • We can use the Violet Light –  to gently clear our energy fields (See post ~  ‘Violet Light Meditation’)
  • We can ask of the Violet Fire to cleanse inanimate objects or places.
  • We can also use the Violet Fire to zap our beds daily on waking – as the energy of processing as we sleep can leave very gunky energy laying around!
  • As a meditative discipline, we can hold an image of the the earth surrounded by Violet Light – and imagine the shadow of the collective consciousness being transmuted.


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